I promised photos of my progress. Tonight, I swear. I don’t have my camera here at work. But I’m making great headway. I got myself into a knitting groove this past weekend and I’m halfway done with the second front piece.

It was a good weekend and a sad one too. One of my closest friends, Ayelet, just left NYC for an indefinite time, maybe forever. It will be an adjustment for me, not having our movies and dinner and walks around Central Park. Sure there’s still phone calls and email and the visits that we will surely make once or twice a year. But it’s really sad to see friends go. Good luck out there on the Left Coast, sweetie.

In more knitting news, I forgot to mention the fabulous “glittens” my mother made for me. I was going to make them myself, out of the same brown alpaca as my Bucket-o-chic, but I was consumed with work and the baby sweater, so I asked her to make them. I also hate working with DPNs. Anyway, she needed extra wool to finish them and I was too lazy to go buy it and I wasn’t a fan of the end result of my slightly botched Bucket, so we frogged it. I now have these great convertible mittens (photos coming tonight of them too) and I’ll have to buy more yarn and make another bucket to match.

Other life stuff going on is two more potential freelance projects and so I’d better knit the baby sweater as much as I can before I’m too busy again.

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