So here’s the progress so far on the baby bobble jacket – it’s hard to see the detail but there’s a lot of them bobbles.


And here are the glittens my mother made for me – they’ve been a godsend in the single digit weather (of course today it’s almost 40 degrees)

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I love the sweater, and the glittens! Do you have the whole glitten pattern somewhere? (I know your Mom made them, but maybe you do, too?) I can’t seem to find it on staceyjoy’s site.

Actually, they aren’t Stacey Joy’s version so maybe they shouldn’t be called Glittens (is that trademarked somewhere?) but the pattern can be found here:

Those glittens are awesome! And as always, I’m impressed with your knitting – the bobble sweater [with its fine gauge!] is really rolling along nicely.

Yay! Thanks for the link – call ’em whatever you want, that’s what I need!