The new Rowan #35 just arrived and there’s some really cute things in it, in fact, I may have found a use for the many many skeins of 4 ply cotton that will be left over after this bobble sweater. I have one sleeve left to do, and a friend is coming over to knit tonight, so it should be done soon. I also recruited a couple of other women from the dog run to have a knitting night so next week I will be gathering with them to knit and have a few drinks (should be an interesting combination, knitting and alcohol) so I hope to have a lot done soon. In fact, I may start knitting now. I have work to do but my mind is elsewhere, I had to drop my dog Ty off at the groomer and he HATES it and was all shaking which is upsetting enough, but he’s also kind of matted in places (damn winter) and it might be a problem. So I’m all wracked with nerves right now.

Last night though, I went and saw my favorite all time band (tied with The Beatles, perhaps) play a rare show in NY. Actually, it’s only two Zombies and some other musicians but it’s the two who were the backbone of the band. I last saw them 2 years ago and I think they were even better last night – really tight, their voices in great shape, what a terrific show. It’s little things like that that really make me appreciate life.

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