Saturday the mail man buzzed and brought me the most delightful gift, gorgeous angora and shiny ribbon to make a beautiful scarf. How much do I love Fluffa Becky? Well, she’s my favorite person this week for sending this lovely present. Now, I have taken a brief break from the baby bobble to make this scarf while there’s still a chill in the air. I have two weeks to finish the bobble. I think it can be done.

It’s been a busy and social and very musical weekend – I saw my favorite contemporary band, The Shins, on Sunday night. (The Zombies are my favorite past band. I have to divide my musical loves into categories.) I visited a few yarn stores, and visited a few friends.

This week an old friend of mine, whom I haven’t seen in years due to half a country between us, will be visiting. I’m looking very forward to doing the town with her, it’s been way too long.

Well, back to ribbons and fur. Oh, and I guess some work in between.

4 Responses to “Pretty purple ribbon and angora”

I got the same gift from the fabulous Fluffa Becky yesterday and I’m starting my scarf today. Looking forward to seeing yours too. 🙂

Yay! I’m so glad that you got it! I had a blast picking out this yarn for you two. Ribbon and angora, here you come 🙂

Yummy Color!! What fabulous yarn! I can’t wait to see the finished product!! Have fun on the town!! I love that city!

hi there – i’ve never posted here before, but i really love that scarf – would you mind sharing what the stitch pattern is? thanks!

ps – i love the shins too – lucky you for getting to go to that sold out show! i saw them at their bowery ballroom show last month, which was super great… i didn’t think it was possible for me to love them even more than i already did, but their live show was so downright fun i just couldn’t help myself!