I thought I’d post photos of the finished Fluffa Becky scarf. I finished it today, 10 minutes before I had to run in the shower and get ready to meet an old dear friend for dinner. We went to Olives and I wore a purple skirt and how could I go without a matching scarf? I had to finish it on time! It’s actually longer than it appears, I had it wrapped around twice. I ended up doing it on size 13 needles instead of the 17s Becky used (and the pattern called for) so it’s a tighter lace but I love it. Ty didn’t seem to care either way but he wanted to send his regards to Lucy.

3 Responses to “I’m a little drunk so…”

Oh! I love these photos! The scarf is beautiful, and you and Ty look so smashing. (Very, very glamorous, too!) W-O-W 🙂

The scarf looks great on you! Good job (and great color, by the way). And Ty looks absolutely precious. Please give him a squeeze from his far-away auntie. 🙂

That scarf looks great. Love the color. Oh–and Sadie sends a flirty woof in Ty’s direction.