from working on the baby bobble at work today so I have something to work on at the little knitting group I’ll be attending tonight. I have only half a sleeve left, and then just the collar and make up. I’d rather be knitting tonight than sewing, so I think I’ll wait to work on the sleeve there. It’s hard to believe that when this is done, I have only one or two projects left in progress. A sweater for Ty, which he certainly won’t need till next winter so what’s the use in rushing, and my long neglected Surf sweater, which I’m eager to get back to, but isn’t a great project to work on in a group since it’s such a complex pattern and requires a lot of attention.

Hmmm… that means I have to start thinking about a new project. There are several things in the new Rowan, if I want to continue working in the same 4 ply cotton as the bobble…but I get bored using the same yarn continuously. I can make another bucket hat, but winter weather is nearly over. I have some yarn left that can be another baby thing, and I also keep meaning to make a felted tote. So I guess I don’t need to actually buy any yarn for a long time, dammit.

It’s lonely and quiet without my dog at work today.

3 Responses to “Trying to refrain…”

Which are the Rowan designs that you liked the most? I really liked the tank in the 4-ply. The gauge is the only thing. I don’t mind small needles, but I have so much to knit right now. I loved Audrey…I’m probably going to knit that.

I love the tank too, Becky, and I’m intrigued by China although I have doubts I could find a tape yarn in a color that exactly matches my 4 ply. I know Rowan Cotton Tape is discontinuing a similar color but I have qualms about ordering any without seeing it in person, lest it doesn’t match at all.

Jackie, you are right to not trust your browser. I chose a Cotton Tape color based upon what I saw at the Rowan site. I thought it was a chocolate brown color, but when I got it I discovered it was khaki! Now I have friends send yarn to me.