Well, last night’s knit gathering turned into a slight fiasco when a) the filming crew for the news that was supposed to film us cancelled and b) the cafe we were meeting at was closing just as we all got there. It was a bummer for sure, not that I travelled far since my office is minutes away, but I did hire my dog walker for an extra evening. So although a bunch of people did go back to Debbie’s place to knit, a few of us didn’t want to crowd her, so I went up to my friend Meema’s two doors down and had a lovely quiet knitting night. And so, I am an inch and a half away from finishing the sleeve of the baby bobble. Freelance work is absorbing much of today and I have dinner plans tonight but hopefully in a day or two, you will read that I am seaming up and picking up stitches for the collar. Yay.

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