is evil incarnate, and should be sentenced to reading every one of her patterns and writing them over in plain English. It took me over 15 minutes of staring at the instructions for the collar on the bobble jacket last night before I could figure out what in friggin’ hell she’s talking about. Never mind that it’s often harder for me to decipher patterns because as a left-handed person, I often have to reverse directions. But anyway, I got through it and collar is nearly done. Then just seaming the sides and sleeves and sewing on buttons. Woo hoo! I think I will definitely be able to give it to my mother by Monday or Tuesday to take along on her trip.

Tonight is my friend Brett’s birthday so instead of staying in and finishing the jacket as I’d planned, we’re going to do a low key dinner/movie evening. That means I should at least finish the collar this afternoon. What with tentative drink plans tomorrow night and the Oscars on Sunday, there isn’t too much time left. I hope to be outdoors on the weekend days since it’s supposed to be lovely. Ty deserves a long awaited day in the park, I think.

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Wow, I thought I was dyslexic or something when I tried to read some of her patterns. I’m right-handed, but I knit left (don’t ask me why, I’m weird that way) and I have to reverse everything too…and her instructions make reversing directions twice as hard! Uck!

Gah. Yes, she is evil. May she be doomed to try to follow her own patterns by the letter in some special ring in purgatory. I put down that same bobble jacket months ago because I was fed up with it. She needs to hire some better technical editors… Designs, lovely. Quality control on the patterns? Well…

I’ve heard similar things re her Weekend Sweater pattern. Yikes. Made me think twice about knitting it.

I know you’ll get it figured out, and it will be beautiful. Good luck, Ms. Jackie!

I had problems with a pattern of hers recently. It was the motorcycle jacket from the Aran Tweed collection. No directions on how to attach the sleeves. A very experienced knitter friend of mine figured out that part of the sleeves is actually sewn into the side (body) of the sweater (sleeve goes beyond the armhole). There was no way I ever would have figured that out on my own. And I had to re-attach the moss-stich edging bands after I realized that you really should STRETCH the bands. I had to take them off, un-ravel a few inches of each band, and sew on again. The jacket looks great now though.

Tried making the Debbie Bliss Double Breasted Seed stitch baby jacket, what a nightmare! The second set of instructions for the 2nd buttonhole must have been written for some other pattern (not the one I was working on), nothing from that point on made any sense. I emailed her royal highness this morning to ask if there was a corrected version of the pattern I was working on, and I also asked if there was a website that listed other patterns of hers that were incorrect as well. Let’s see if I get an answer.