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I’m a little drunk so…

Posted by jackie blue on February 20th, 2004

I thought I’d post photos of the finished Fluffa Becky scarf. I finished it today, 10 minutes before I had to run in the shower and get ready to meet an old dear friend for dinner. We went to Olives and I wore a purple skirt and how could I go without a matching scarf? I had to finish it on time! It’s actually longer than it appears, I had it wrapped around twice. I ended up doing it on size 13 needles instead of the 17s Becky used (and the pattern called for) so it’s a tighter lace but I love it. Ty didn’t seem to care either way but he wanted to send his regards to Lucy.

Pretty purple ribbon and angora

Posted by jackie blue on February 17th, 2004

Saturday the mail man buzzed and brought me the most delightful gift, gorgeous angora and shiny ribbon to make a beautiful scarf. How much do I love Fluffa Becky? Well, she’s my favorite person this week for sending this lovely present. Now, I have taken a brief break from the baby bobble to make this scarf while there’s still a chill in the air. I have two weeks to finish the bobble. I think it can be done.

It’s been a busy and social and very musical weekend – I saw my favorite contemporary band, The Shins, on Sunday night. (The Zombies are my favorite past band. I have to divide my musical loves into categories.) I visited a few yarn stores, and visited a few friends.

This week an old friend of mine, whom I haven’t seen in years due to half a country between us, will be visiting. I’m looking very forward to doing the town with her, it’s been way too long.

Well, back to ribbons and fur. Oh, and I guess some work in between.


Posted by jackie blue on February 12th, 2004

The new Rowan #35 just arrived and there’s some really cute things in it, in fact, I may have found a use for the many many skeins of 4 ply cotton that will be left over after this bobble sweater. I have one sleeve left to do, and a friend is coming over to knit tonight, so it should be done soon. I also recruited a couple of other women from the dog run to have a knitting night so next week I will be gathering with them to knit and have a few drinks (should be an interesting combination, knitting and alcohol) so I hope to have a lot done soon. In fact, I may start knitting now. I have work to do but my mind is elsewhere, I had to drop my dog Ty off at the groomer and he HATES it and was all shaking which is upsetting enough, but he’s also kind of matted in places (damn winter) and it might be a problem. So I’m all wracked with nerves right now.

Last night though, I went and saw my favorite all time band (tied with The Beatles, perhaps) play a rare show in NY. Actually, it’s only two Zombies and some other musicians but it’s the two who were the backbone of the band. I last saw them 2 years ago and I think they were even better last night – really tight, their voices in great shape, what a terrific show. It’s little things like that that really make me appreciate life.

Getting There

Posted by jackie blue on February 9th, 2004

Halfway into the first bobble jacket sleeve, I see an end in sight. Once the pattern got really familiar to me I was able to start zipping through it with barely a glance to the written chart. I think I will definitely have a sleeve in another day or two.

Not much else to report today except a good friend of mine has joined the world of blogging. Check him out, he usually has something amusing to say.