isn’t this the cutest thing ever? I finished it on Saturday, and tomorrow it goes to my mother for the trip to California on Wednesday. I almost don’t want to give it up, but it won’t fit me.


bobble_tag.jpg And be honest here – don’t you just love my tag? I do.
And I think someone else wants this sweater to be his own: bobble_ty.jpg

Well, since I have SO MUCH of that 4 Ply Cotton left, and I just can’t seem to resist working on #3 needles, I have started the Arabella tank from Rowan #35. I just bought a skirt it will go so good with. Really. I started the tank during the 6 hour Oscar fest last night, despite the fact that I had friends over watching it too, and I’m about 3.5 inches in. Finally a mindless stockinette project to sit in front of the TV with.

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that sweater is really adorable! lucky baby! where did you get your labels?

Quite cute indeed! You really did a lovely job. And I love the label, too. I hope you get to see a picture of the recipent wearing it.

Adorable! The sweater AND the labels. Good work!

Oh. My. Goodness. You never cease to amaze me with the fabulous projects you churn out! Always so classy and impeccably finished.

Ty is just so incredibly cute with his little ball and fluffy head. You sure you don’t want to send him over here for a summer trip? Hee!

So sweet! Well, DB’s instructions might be hard to decipher but the end product is ALWAYS so cute!

Thanks for the kind compliments, everyone! I hope to find out what the recipients think of it tomorrow.

Becky, Ty would love to come out for a summer trip but hates to fly. He says I should go instead.

I agree with Ty! 🙂

I think you should cast on for the adult size version of this adorable sweater. *teehee* Congratulations! I’ve been following your progress on this for awhile. This pattern caught my eye last year but I’m not a cotton knitter. It was great fun watching you. I have to admit, I was glad it wasn’t me! I love the Arabella tank and was reading the pattern last night. The instructions for finishing the neckline and armhole edge don’t match the pic, at least not that I can see. Don’t you love those skirts in the Funny Girl photo shoot? Can’t wait to see yours!

Oh! Where did you get your labels? I’ve been searching for fun ones for a year now and keep coming up empty. Yours are the nicest I’ve seen. Cute!

Thanks Kerstin! I guess I will have to deal with the Arabella instructions when I get there. I should be used to it by now, being an avid Rowan/Bliss knitter.

The labels come from They have some cute ones!

Oooo, thanks! I’ll check them out!

the labels look great! so does the sweater!