Today is going to be hellish at work, so I’m sneaking in a post before I’m too busy. My mother is on vacation, coming back from LA tonight, and she is the glue that holds this dept. together, so we are going to be crazed without her. Nevermind that I am exhausted, operating on maybe 4 hours of sleep.

A while back I had posted about an event I went to called Foodie. Well, last night was another one. I seem to have become an unofficial PR person for the event (as well as official web designer), as a number of people I know ended up going on my recommendation. And what a treat it was to find Jessamyn and her husband next to me at my table! We had a delightful time with wonderful food and wine and great company. I was sorry to have the night come to an end.

On the knitting front, I am 3/4 through the back of Arabella, and it’s going pretty fast when I actually have time to sit and do it. I think I should just make tank tops all summer, I love how fast they go and how cute they are. I have to plot my next one. Oh, and brush up on my crochet technique, as Arabella does have a crocheted trim.

Well, gonna get back to work before all mayhem breaks loose.

One Response to “I don’t want to work, I just want to knit all day”

Ooooh, can’t wait to see Arabella. I know you’ll do an impeccable job of it!