winter! A week before Spring, and we’re having a blizzard. Gotta love it. Can’t say I’m too happy about the snow although I was big on it staying cold for a while longer. I’m not ready for skimpy Spring clothes in my lumpy winter state.

Yesterday was one of those hellish 12 hour days at work without a moment to breathe. So not a lot of knitting going on. I managed about 2 inches of the front of Arabella so far. I might get to do some more today/tonight, when I finish clearing up red tape with my new health insurance company (oh, I can rant on for screenfuls on the healthcare in this country though I guess as a freelancer, I’m lucky to have any) and this week will be busy too with work, taxes (eww!), Daily Show movie screening, mah jongg (oh, what an exciting life I lead) and fitting the gym in there somewhere. A haircut would be nice too. Oh, who am I kidding, Arabella may take a little while.

2 Responses to “If it’s Tuesday, it must be…”

What is UP with the weather??? It was snowing last week, and now it’s so sunny I was able to walk around outside with nothing more than a denim jacket. Hello! Is it winter or spring?

You know what I think you need? I think you need some SPRING YARN. And, as it turns out, on Saturday I ordered some for ya and I’m picking it up tomorrow. Hee heeeeee! [:-)]

I am so excited about new Spring yarn from France! Whee!