Yes, it’s tax day at Chez Blue. Oh joy. As someone who used to have a well paying job and always got refunds, I am no longer looking forward to this. The financial life of a sometimes-working freelancer ain’t pretty.

You know, it occurred to me yesterday that the redesign of this blog is almost the exact blue of the 4 ply cotton that I’ve been working with for months, first with the bobble jacket and now with Arabella. Subliminal designing, anyone?

So I have a long train ride to my accountant and will bring the knitting. Although I want to read my book, too, but hmmm. I need to finish Arabella because I hear I have a box full of yarn heading my way…

5 Responses to “Let me tell you how it will be”

I love the look of your new site!! Great Job!!
I am slowly working on updating my own site.
Love the color!!

Nice design, girlie! I hope the tax session didn’t suck too hard.

I love the design and color of your blog. And especially the way the yarn ball & needles floats on the page no matter how far you scroll!

Thank you everyone! Now, if only I had some knitting to show…

hey – nice new look – very sleek. i’ve heard a lot of good things about that book so i can understand why the decision is tough. 😉