With no offense to our friends in the Frogpond, I seem to be having a very froggy weekend so far. First, I stayed up till past 2 a.m. last night to finish the front of Arabella. But being lazy and not using a row counter led to my decreases being inconsistant on either side of the tank, and this morning, after it was all bound off and everything, I frogged the whole top down to the point where I start dividing for the neck. So, I think I need to find my other #3 needles and just do both sides together.

Then tonight, after a movie with my friend Shirley who has also become a steady knitting bud, we went for a bite to eat and landed at the Parisian style brasserie Pigalle and as we sat waiting for our order, we discussed, what else, yarn. I told her of my impending delivery of lots o’ Phildar, and she told me of some patterns she acquired from Pingouin, and asked me how to pronounce that company’s name, and just as we discuss this, I look up next to us and there among the decor is one of those old style tin signs you see in all the brasseries, advertising what else? “Laines du Pingouin”, with a penguin balancing on 2 yellow balls of yarn. Now, just how weird is that?? Oh, I covet that sign. If it wasn’t bolted to the wall, I would have been tiptoeing out with it (and man, I deserved a prize after leaving a tip in spite of HORRIBLE service, I mean, our waiter disappeared for hours at a time). I wish I knew where to get one.

Well, we’ll see if tomorrow has more froggy things in store. I know at least I’ll be knitting up Arabella, again.

4 Responses to “Frogs to the left of me, frogs to the right”

Hehe…the waiter disappeared for hours at a time? Maybe he was from here. Hee!

P.S. I can’t believe you didn’t walk out with the Pinguoin sign. I’ll keep my eyes out for one 🙂

How funny about that sign! Maybe with the all the terrible service – that will be the demise of the place and you can swoop in and nab the sign!!

Good luck with Arabella Im sure youll get it finished beautifully!

Actually, I did find a few tin signs on French Ebay, but they aren’t as nice as the one in Pigalle. And they are priceeeeeeeeey.

Hi Jackie – found your blog by Googling ‘Laines du Pengouin’, having just posted on my blog about a lovely 1950s advertisement for knitting yarn I’d spotted on someone else’s site, and wanting to find more!

Maybe the sign you saw is by the same artist?