So I finished the front of Arabella on Sunday and sewed the front and back together. Photo coming soon. Now I need to pick up stitches to knit the edging and I don’t have a #1 circular, or even #2 for that matter, so it looks like a trip to the LYS is in order tomorrow for a new pair of Addi’s. I also want to pick up one ball of Rowan 4 ply in a contrasting color for the crocheted border. I originally thought I’d do it the same color, and then I thought I would just use some off white Patons cotton I have lying around, but the gauge isn’t really the same and purist that I am, I think I would rather just get the Rowan. So I don’t think Arabella will be finished so soon, what with a freaky working schedule coming up, and not being able to do anything today.

Last night my dog walker of over a year went nuts and left me an accusingly nasty note (long story) and quit on me for no good reason. This after a 13 hour day at work – I tell ya, I am one mentally and physically exhausted chick today.
I’m really starting to think that I need to get away for a little while somewhere, despite the fact that I am barely making enough to call it a living. Something is definitely in the air lately and it doesn’t feel like Spring.

One Response to “tuesday’s grey and wednesday too”

Jackie — sorry to hear about the dog-walker. If only I lived in New York, then I’d be out walking Ty all the time for you. He looks like such a sweetie! Sounds like you do need a bit of a vacation! Maybe a day at the Met or someplace local where you can get away for the afternoon would be good for a re-charging session. I am looking forward to pics of Arabella but I shall be patient.