Just back from Purl in Soho with a pretty pale pink ball of 4 ply to use for the crocheted border of Arabella, and a size 1 needle to do the top band, and if all goes well, I should have her finished by the weekend. Does it matter though, at 45 degrees out? I think not.

4 Responses to “A Purl a day…”

Oooh! Pretty color. Summer will be here soon enough and then you’ll be wearing that baby all over town.

Oh my goodness. That is just adorable. Nice job.

I. Am. So. ENVIOUS! I want to visit that shop very badly.

And your top is smashing. You’re going to be very “huzzah” wearing that top. Chic!

It’s a lovely little store, a must for any Rowan enthusiast. I knew if I headed there, they’d have exactly what I needed. I think a trip to NYC is a must in your near future, Becky. Think of all the shopping you can do with me!