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It isn’t that exciting but…

Posted by jackie blue on March 12th, 2004

Here is the back of the Arabella tank. Hopefully I will get to some of the front today, I’m debating on whether or not I should work, or knit, ha. This project should get done pretty fast, and it’s still winter, so must plot my next project.

Which I am. I have a couple of Phildar things in my view.

Tonight I might be going to hear some rockin’ Irish music, I’m not a big celebrater of St. Patrick’s Day (drunk frat boys, ewww) – but I need to get out
and away from this computer which has taken up a good deal of my time this past week. Aside from freelance work – I’m getting the urge to redecorate around here…

I don’t want to work, I just want to knit all day

Posted by jackie blue on March 8th, 2004

Today is going to be hellish at work, so I’m sneaking in a post before I’m too busy. My mother is on vacation, coming back from LA tonight, and she is the glue that holds this dept. together, so we are going to be crazed without her. Nevermind that I am exhausted, operating on maybe 4 hours of sleep.

A while back I had posted about an event I went to called Foodie. Well, last night was another one. I seem to have become an unofficial PR person for the event (as well as official web designer), as a number of people I know ended up going on my recommendation. And what a treat it was to find Jessamyn and her husband next to me at my table! We had a delightful time with wonderful food and wine and great company. I was sorry to have the night come to an end.

On the knitting front, I am 3/4 through the back of Arabella, and it’s going pretty fast when I actually have time to sit and do it. I think I should just make tank tops all summer, I love how fast they go and how cute they are. I have to plot my next one. Oh, and brush up on my crochet technique, as Arabella does have a crocheted trim.

Well, gonna get back to work before all mayhem breaks loose.

The word from L.A…

Posted by jackie blue on March 5th, 2004

…is that they love the sweater. Of course it’s too big on her now, she’s only 4 months old and I made a 9-12 month size, so that they can get a lot of use out of it. But they will be in Australia for a month in April and they will take it then because it’s chilly that time of year and I will get photos. So yay!

I’m about 5 inches or so into Arabella. It’s an easy knit but still slowish on such small needles, plus a sinus headache from hell and beyond kept me from doing any real work on her yesterday. Today I’m waiting for the rest of a freelance assignment to come in but I should be able to knit some too, it’s gray and nasty and not very inviting to go outside much.

Debbie Bliss may be evil but…

Posted by jackie blue on March 1st, 2004

isn’t this the cutest thing ever? I finished it on Saturday, and tomorrow it goes to my mother for the trip to California on Wednesday. I almost don’t want to give it up, but it won’t fit me.


bobble_tag.jpg And be honest here – don’t you just love my tag? I do.
And I think someone else wants this sweater to be his own: bobble_ty.jpg

Well, since I have SO MUCH of that 4 Ply Cotton left, and I just can’t seem to resist working on #3 needles, I have started the Arabella tank from Rowan #35. I just bought a skirt it will go so good with. Really. I started the tank during the 6 hour Oscar fest last night, despite the fact that I had friends over watching it too, and I’m about 3.5 inches in. Finally a mindless stockinette project to sit in front of the TV with.