Well, I guess it’s good my plans for tonight got postponed, because look what I did instead! It’s not really 100% done – I still have some ends to weave in, and the tie is temporary, I don’t like the twisted cord so much and I need it to be longer. I’m debating on icord or a crocheted chain. I also think I sewed the straps a little too loosely and will probably undo them and make them a bit shorter. Other than that, I think I like it. Now I just need to get back into tank top shape…

9 Responses to “Meet Arabella”

Oh la LAAAAAAAAAA!!! That is one snappy, sexy, stunning top. I am jealous! But in a good way 🙂

How about a ribbon? The crocheted chain sounds like a very nice alternative, too. Whatever you use, that top is fabulous. Better watch yourself if you take the subway, there. Those catcalls are gonna be shooting at you from all directions!

Now the Postman can bring that box to you, already. I foresee another snappy top for spring in your knitting future…

Very pretty! The lucette (a wooden tool that looks like a slingshot) makes a pretty braid that might work well as a tie for the top. I picked mine up at the fiber show in Rhinebeck but you might be able to find one online. Congrats on your sweet top!

Wow… it looks fantastic! I love the color and it will be so perfect for summer nights out. Very pretty and (as Becky said), Oh la laaa!

Thanks nice people!

Kerstin, that Lucette is very interesting. I might look into that, if not for this, for future projects.

Becky, I think the customs people are knitters and confiscated my pretty yarn. No sign of Mr. Postman yet!

Soooooooo cute! You look fabulous in it, too. I like the idea of a ribbon, as suggested earlier.

Very, very cute top, and nice work. And what do you mean ‘get back into tank top shape’? Looks like you’re already there.

Oh so adorable. What a sweet little top. Nicely done.

Looks beautiful!

hey jackie – it looks great – congrats! (and i came to say the same thing about the lucet)