So, Arabella is mostly done, and my Phildar still hasn’t arrived (though it’s early today, hopefully it will show up this afternoon!) and the only real project in the works is my long neglected Surf sweater, which is too complicated a pattern for mindless knitting in front of the TV. So, what to do???

Well, everyone and their mother seems to be in this Audrey knitalong. I hate not being included in a party, you know? But there’s no way I was going to buy any more yarn, and I have no Calmer in my stash. But then I got to thinking, Calmer is a stretchy cotton, and at 2002’s Smiley’s Hotel Sale, I bought some cotton. Reynolds Cantata, to be exact. It’s 90% cotton and 10% nylon and the label says “Cotton with memory”. Hmmm…seems perfect for a slim silhouette like Audrey. Same gauge. SHOULD I?? I mean, I feel guilt not using my stash and buying new all the time.

Well, I cast on on Friday. Knit through the afternoon. Even knit at night while lining up for the latest Loser’s Lounge. Knit some on Saturday. Knit some on Sunday.

Cantata is not the same as Calmer in that it’s not a soft velvety yarn, and it’s not that smooth in appearance, so the effect is somewhat different. The decreases are definitely uggggggglly. I’m not sure how the lacy band would come out. But, it’s definitely holding it’s shape.


So, I haven’t officially joined the knitalong yet. I am unsure of the future of my Audrey. When my Phildar arrives, I really want to work on my next project, the Phil Eponge Cowl from the Spring Tendances.
I think I will see if my Phildar shows up soon and if I want to continue with Audrey, I will join the knitalong. What do you folks think?

3 Responses to “A bad case of startitis”

what color did you order of the eponge? i was just checking it out on breiweb. “looks” soft if you can really tell that from a look. 🙂

I think you should JOIN!

P.S. I’ll probably do away with the decreases. There’s just no way to make them blend in while keeping with the 2×2 ribbing…

P.P.S. I’m still contemplating the cowl. I have my Phil Eponge here. Don’t know if I should do it or if I should put it up on the stash-o-mat page. I have so many projects to do, but the cowl is so pretty! When do you plan on doing it?

Well Becky, you know what *I* think – that it would look beautiful on you and of course you should make it! I have a feeling it will knit up quickly. I plan on starting it pretty soon.

Carolyn, I got it in white. It *is* soft, and very lightweight.