Look what Mr. Postman brought me yesterday afternoon!


Pretty pretty yarn, in a pretty green box (leave it to La Poste in France to have such stylish mail supplies) thanks to my Evil Enabler.

So, these are my next projects, excluding the in-progress Audrey that I’m still deciding if I’ll continue.

Looks like a lot of knitting in my future.

5 Responses to “Pretty pretty yarn”

I’m glad you like the Phil Ruban! I picked a color that reminds me of you. It’s Jackie-Blue 🙂

P.S. Re that question mark. Check your e-mail…

oooooo i am v. jealous of the camel. that sweater is most certainly on my “one day” list. although one day keeps moving farther and farther away.

Yes, it’s on my one day list too. I don’t think I’ll be working on it till end of summer, for fall. I have so many Spring/Summer things I want to do.

oh, I was just flipping through Irlandais last night and fell in love with that hoodie! I have to see if I can work through the pattern someday–the copy I bought is in Dutch.

My pattern is in French. By the time I finish working that pattern out, I hope to be an expert French pattern follower.