So I continued with Audrey last night since the pattern for my cowl hasn’t arrived yet, and I’m past the decreases and increases, and…I just don’t know. I think it’s kind of hideous, and of course now someone has come up with MUCH nicer darts but no way am I ripping and starting over on this baby. Also, even though it’s fairly lightweight cotton, I think it’s getting to the point in the weather where when it’s done, it will be too warm (for me, anyway, I get warm easily) so I might just put Audrey into the pile of Maybe Someday I’ll Finish But Who Knows.

phildar_tank.jpg While I’m waiting for the Phil Eponge Cowl pattern, I could always start something else, since I now know what the Phil Ruban will turn into. Of course that one means I’d better stop eating till summer!

Unfortunately I’ll be sitting on my butt here at the computer for the next 12 hours or so (and on a lovely day, dammit) as I have 3 freelance projects in progress and 2 with deadlines of today/tomorrow. So no knitting started just yet. Back to work!

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