and none are really making progress right now. Over the weekend, I hadn’t received my Tendances magazine yet, so couldn’t start the Phil Eponge cowl. Craving something to do that wasn’t all cabley, I cast on for the Phil Ruban tank. I didn’t get far though. I had to work over the weekend and then on Sunday, woke up with a terrible pain in my shoulder/back, and knitting just wasn’t on my mind. I spent Sunday night propped carefully and watching movies on TV and DVD.

Monday morning my Tendances arrived. Hooray! I can start the cowl! Except, I had a ticket to the Met’s Opening Day. Yes, it was COLD and gray and rainy. No, they didn’t call the game on account of rain. We sat through all 9 innings positively freezing our butts off but what a game. So, no knitting yesterday till I got home.

So despite having started the tank, I really need to start the cowl. I was very surprised to learn that the lacy effect was not achieved on big needles as I’d thought. No, you cast on on big needles (I used one size smaller since I don’t have that size and didn’t wish to run out and buy them just for a cast on) and then knit in drop stitch on tiny needles. And I thought this would knit up fast. OOPS. Well, Phil Eponge is difficult to work with in drop stitch. I ended up casting on three times before I got the hang of working with it. And now I may have to start again, because my drop stitches seem a lot longer than they look in the photo. I might have to eliminate one wrap around. In any case, this sweater will be an exercise in patience, but I think it will be so pretty.

I have an assignment to complete today but there might be some knitting in my evening future.

2 Responses to “A plethora of projects…”

Hee hee! And here I was thinking that it would be a quick knit. I haven’t even cast on for Audrey yet, although I swatched and practiced decreases…

Need to get a move on!

Actually Becky, it is going rather fast now. And you are so productive with all your projects, it’s no wonder you didn’t get to Audrey yet with all the other things you’ve done, but when you do, you’ll be done in a week!