…and the weather looks to be shaping up to be positively gorgeous the next few days. Of course as a freelancer, Friday doesn’t really mean all that much, since I work at home I tend to work all hours and all days. If it needs to get done, it will. And it’s amazing I’ve gotten to do any knitting lately since I’ve had deadlines and multiple revisions all this week. But, last night a friend and I went to a cafe 2 blocks from her house, and happened upon a small knitting group in progress, which is great because now I know of a nice group of people meeting in a great place on Thurs. nights. I miss SnB and Tues. hasn’t worked out well for me, but Thurs. is cool. So what if it’s 100 blocks away from me, right?

I was also reminded last night of the dearth of good cafes in my neighborhood. Which is insane because I live in one of the most desireable Manhattan neighborhoods, central to everything, near all transportation, and with a great supply of good shopping and restaurants. But a decent coffee house with comfortable seating to hang out in and knit for hours is nowhere to be found. Sure, we have a Starbucks on every corner (but have you noticed all the comfortable chairs are gone from those?) and there’s a Xando 2 blocks away, which at night becomes table service and there’s just no lingering in a place like that. This cafe last night was airy, very reasonably priced, comfortable, and had open mic entertainment toward the end of the evening which made for mostly pleasant knitting background music. If I lived in that neighborhood, I’d be there every day. Why oh why can’t someone open up something similar near me?

Anyway, in the 3 hours we sat there, I managed to get up to just where I need to start the armholes on the Phildar cowl. This baby IS knitting up fast, either that or the tension from a project this week has made me get out my frustration by knitting like a machine every free moment I get. In any case, I’m really liking how this sweater looks, although I think my gauge is off regarding increases and decreases, and I just hope it fits well.

Tonight is mah jongg and Sunday night another fancy Foodie dinner so we’ll see how much I can accomplish in the weekend.

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Oooh – you play mah jongg?!?! I used to play that when I lived in Hong Kong but have since forgotten how to play. I sort of miss all the clattering noises of mah jongg-playing neighbors….

Enjoy the weather and the Foodie event. Let me know how it goes!

BTW, aren’t you going enlighten your readers as to where this great cafe was?

Yes Ellen, I play, have been playing for about 6 years or so. I think we made up some of our own rules but it’s fairly true to the Chinese version, not American.

Ayelet, did I really want to give away a good secret?? Anyway, it’s Saurin Parke cafe, a mere 2 blocks from your former residence.

we still have comfy chairs at starbucks here in japan… that IS actually where I go to sit and knit for hours! all the other coffee houses are too smokey — starbucks is the only one that doesn’t allow smoking! (smokey yarn, gross)

You met Ellen! It was your lucky day. If you think there’s a dearth of good sit-and-knit cafes in the city, you should try the suburbs. I’d walk 100 blocks for a good one! Heck, I’d walk 100 blocks just for the sake of it. 🙂

next time i’m in new york you’re definitely teaching me mahjongg. the coffee/cool place situation is definitely a drag. and funny how you can just wind up somewhere where there.just.isn’t.one. you know. 🙂