I finished the back of the Eponge cowl yesterday. Now I must decide if I do thr front or a sleeve next. Sometimes it gets really boring knitting in predictable order.
I like the way it’s coming out though. Kind of like knitting one of those old terrycloth coverups for the beach in the early 70s. Here’s the stitch closer.
I hope to have another piece of this done by the weekend. I do have some social engagements and freelance work that will cut into knitting time though. What I need is a knitting vacation. Just a week in a cabin somewhere with no phone, no TV, nothing but yarn…

4 Responses to “And now, a back”

sounds like pure heaven, can i come? 🙂

and p.s. it looks cool. is it soft?

Wow – it looks great! I say be a rebel go for the sleeves!
A cabin sounds nice to me too!

Yes Carolyn, it’s very soft, and very light!

It looks so fine and lacy! You are going to be looking like a very “saxy” lady wearing that top 🙂

P.S. Your knitting vacation sounds idyllic. On an island, with white sand, blue sea, fruity alcoholic beverages, LOADS of yarn, and Keanu Reeves to seam and weave in the ends. Hee!