Last night’s knitting group was a lot of fun. In fact, the lovely Ellen has evidence of such, that makes me look like a psycho on crack with no shoulders. How frightening! And I made decent headway on my cowl – but stupid me, after chatting all night and listening to music I got distracted and counted wrong on my stitches after armhole decreasing. I thought I had too few, so I frogged some lines. Well, silly me, I had it right. But it was just as well, because I had dropped a stitch on the decreases and would have had to sew it in carefully, but the frogging solved that. Soooo….not done with the front JUST yet but soon.

This will be a busy weekend I think. I have a drinks thing this evening and then it’s up VERY early tomorrow to clean up Prospect Park as part of NY Cares Spring Clean Up Day. Sunday will probably be at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, unless it rains, since it’s a friend’s birthday on Monday and that’s how she’d like to celebrate. I think it’s Cherry Blossom Festival this weekend. So, I’ll have to scramble to find some knitting time. But I think it could be done.

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