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Tuesday Morning

Posted by jackie blue on April 20th, 2004

Yesterday was one of those all over horrible days that makes you happy to go to sleep and wake up to a new day. At least we have lovely weather, though I am in an office with absolutely no windows.

So I didn’t get all that much knitting time over the weekend but I am almost done with the back of the Eponge cowl and will probably finish it today since it’s slow at work. I am loving this sweater, the lightness of it and how summery it looks (except that it’s long sleeved and I won’t be able to wear it in really warm weather, so I’d better get moving on it).

Wish there was more to report! I’ll try and get a progress photo of the cowl up tomorrow.


Posted by jackie blue on April 16th, 2004

…and the weather looks to be shaping up to be positively gorgeous the next few days. Of course as a freelancer, Friday doesn’t really mean all that much, since I work at home I tend to work all hours and all days. If it needs to get done, it will. And it’s amazing I’ve gotten to do any knitting lately since I’ve had deadlines and multiple revisions all this week. But, last night a friend and I went to a cafe 2 blocks from her house, and happened upon a small knitting group in progress, which is great because now I know of a nice group of people meeting in a great place on Thurs. nights. I miss SnB and Tues. hasn’t worked out well for me, but Thurs. is cool. So what if it’s 100 blocks away from me, right?

I was also reminded last night of the dearth of good cafes in my neighborhood. Which is insane because I live in one of the most desireable Manhattan neighborhoods, central to everything, near all transportation, and with a great supply of good shopping and restaurants. But a decent coffee house with comfortable seating to hang out in and knit for hours is nowhere to be found. Sure, we have a Starbucks on every corner (but have you noticed all the comfortable chairs are gone from those?) and there’s a Xando 2 blocks away, which at night becomes table service and there’s just no lingering in a place like that. This cafe last night was airy, very reasonably priced, comfortable, and had open mic entertainment toward the end of the evening which made for mostly pleasant knitting background music. If I lived in that neighborhood, I’d be there every day. Why oh why can’t someone open up something similar near me?

Anyway, in the 3 hours we sat there, I managed to get up to just where I need to start the armholes on the Phildar cowl. This baby IS knitting up fast, either that or the tension from a project this week has made me get out my frustration by knitting like a machine every free moment I get. In any case, I’m really liking how this sweater looks, although I think my gauge is off regarding increases and decreases, and I just hope it fits well.

Tonight is mah jongg and Sunday night another fancy Foodie dinner so we’ll see how much I can accomplish in the weekend.

Ooh, lacey

Posted by jackie blue on April 14th, 2004

So once you get used to working with this Phil Eponge, the drop stitch does make it go rather quickly in length even though it’s on toothpick sized needles. This is my fourth attempt, but it looks pretty good! Both the yarn and the stitch are very forgiving when it comes to minor mistakes.
I have a Knit Date with a friend tonight so I should get quite a bit more done. I’m a little concerned that I shouldn’t have picked the very smallest size – one up was only 4 more stitches, but the fabric has a lot of stretch so hopefully it will fit me with no problem. Last thing I want to do is go for attempt #5…

A plethora of projects…

Posted by jackie blue on April 13th, 2004

and none are really making progress right now. Over the weekend, I hadn’t received my Tendances magazine yet, so couldn’t start the Phil Eponge cowl. Craving something to do that wasn’t all cabley, I cast on for the Phil Ruban tank. I didn’t get far though. I had to work over the weekend and then on Sunday, woke up with a terrible pain in my shoulder/back, and knitting just wasn’t on my mind. I spent Sunday night propped carefully and watching movies on TV and DVD.

Monday morning my Tendances arrived. Hooray! I can start the cowl! Except, I had a ticket to the Met’s Opening Day. Yes, it was COLD and gray and rainy. No, they didn’t call the game on account of rain. We sat through all 9 innings positively freezing our butts off but what a game. So, no knitting yesterday till I got home.

So despite having started the tank, I really need to start the cowl. I was very surprised to learn that the lacy effect was not achieved on big needles as I’d thought. No, you cast on on big needles (I used one size smaller since I don’t have that size and didn’t wish to run out and buy them just for a cast on) and then knit in drop stitch on tiny needles. And I thought this would knit up fast. OOPS. Well, Phil Eponge is difficult to work with in drop stitch. I ended up casting on three times before I got the hang of working with it. And now I may have to start again, because my drop stitches seem a lot longer than they look in the photo. I might have to eliminate one wrap around. In any case, this sweater will be an exercise in patience, but I think it will be so pretty.

I have an assignment to complete today but there might be some knitting in my evening future.