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Audrey and I may not get along

Posted by jackie blue on April 8th, 2004

So I continued with Audrey last night since the pattern for my cowl hasn’t arrived yet, and I’m past the decreases and increases, and…I just don’t know. I think it’s kind of hideous, and of course now someone has come up with MUCH nicer darts but no way am I ripping and starting over on this baby. Also, even though it’s fairly lightweight cotton, I think it’s getting to the point in the weather where when it’s done, it will be too warm (for me, anyway, I get warm easily) so I might just put Audrey into the pile of Maybe Someday I’ll Finish But Who Knows.

phildar_tank.jpg While I’m waiting for the Phil Eponge Cowl pattern, I could always start something else, since I now know what the Phil Ruban will turn into. Of course that one means I’d better stop eating till summer!

Unfortunately I’ll be sitting on my butt here at the computer for the next 12 hours or so (and on a lovely day, dammit) as I have 3 freelance projects in progress and 2 with deadlines of today/tomorrow. So no knitting started just yet. Back to work!

Pretty pretty yarn

Posted by jackie blue on April 6th, 2004

Look what Mr. Postman brought me yesterday afternoon!


Pretty pretty yarn, in a pretty green box (leave it to La Poste in France to have such stylish mail supplies) thanks to my Evil Enabler.

So, these are my next projects, excluding the in-progress Audrey that I’m still deciding if I’ll continue.

Looks like a lot of knitting in my future.

A bad case of startitis

Posted by jackie blue on April 5th, 2004

So, Arabella is mostly done, and my Phildar still hasn’t arrived (though it’s early today, hopefully it will show up this afternoon!) and the only real project in the works is my long neglected Surf sweater, which is too complicated a pattern for mindless knitting in front of the TV. So, what to do???

Well, everyone and their mother seems to be in this Audrey knitalong. I hate not being included in a party, you know? But there’s no way I was going to buy any more yarn, and I have no Calmer in my stash. But then I got to thinking, Calmer is a stretchy cotton, and at 2002’s Smiley’s Hotel Sale, I bought some cotton. Reynolds Cantata, to be exact. It’s 90% cotton and 10% nylon and the label says “Cotton with memory”. Hmmm…seems perfect for a slim silhouette like Audrey. Same gauge. SHOULD I?? I mean, I feel guilt not using my stash and buying new all the time.

Well, I cast on on Friday. Knit through the afternoon. Even knit at night while lining up for the latest Loser’s Lounge. Knit some on Saturday. Knit some on Sunday.

Cantata is not the same as Calmer in that it’s not a soft velvety yarn, and it’s not that smooth in appearance, so the effect is somewhat different. The decreases are definitely uggggggglly. I’m not sure how the lacy band would come out. But, it’s definitely holding it’s shape.


So, I haven’t officially joined the knitalong yet. I am unsure of the future of my Audrey. When my Phildar arrives, I really want to work on my next project, the Phil Eponge Cowl from the Spring Tendances.
I think I will see if my Phildar shows up soon and if I want to continue with Audrey, I will join the knitalong. What do you folks think?

Meet Arabella

Posted by jackie blue on April 2nd, 2004

Well, I guess it’s good my plans for tonight got postponed, because look what I did instead! It’s not really 100% done – I still have some ends to weave in, and the tie is temporary, I don’t like the twisted cord so much and I need it to be longer. I’m debating on icord or a crocheted chain. I also think I sewed the straps a little too loosely and will probably undo them and make them a bit shorter. Other than that, I think I like it. Now I just need to get back into tank top shape…