I didn’t mean my deadline of having the cowl finished tomorrow. I’m only about 5 inches into the second sleeve. Work, and just general distraction has kept me from doing much on it this week. Well at least I’ll have a chance to work on it on the bus down down to NJ/Philly tomorrow (I’ve elected not to drive).

So, nothing big to report. It’s a dreary gray day, I have work I don’t want to do, and the guy in the greenmarket this morning gave me a chocolate scone instead of the chocolate croissant I asked for. I don’t care for scones and this one also has nuts, which I’m mildly allergic to, although I’ll eat it anyway. So now my throat is a little itchy, and I just think it’s going to be one of those days.

Have a good weekend everyone.

One Response to “Oh Well”

I hope your day improved!