Still working on that second sleeve. I did some on the bus ride down to Mt. Laurel, NJ on Sat, but the trip is less than 2 hours, so didn’t get all that far. On the ride back yesterday, I slept, since my insane friends got me up at 7:30 yesterday morning after a bed time of past 2:00 (god, we are so old).

Weekend slumber party was fun though – felt like we were teenagers again. It’s too bad we live in three different cities, we have some good times together. I guess I’ll just have to make some more trips this year down to Atlanta and Cherry Hill/Philly.

One thing that is concerning me a little bit about the cowl sweater is how I am halfway through the second sleeve, have only the cowl neck after that, and haven’t finished 5 skeins yet. The sweater calls for 7 and at this rate, I doubt I’ll need to start the 7th. Unless the cowl uses THAT much yarn, which I guess is possible. I haven’t checked to see how many stitches/rows that cowl is.

My new goal is to have it done by next weekend, despite another crazy week of deadlines. Cross your fingers!

7 Responses to “Are we there yet?? No.”

[Fingers crossed.]

That cowl does look really wide. It’s possible it might use at least half a skein, if not more.

I’m sure you’re right, Becky. That will still put me in the middle of 6 though. I wonder if my gauge is totally wack and this sweater won’t even fit me. (Yes, I’m an idiot who never really checks gauge – but I’ve been lucky, never had a problem before).

i was going to say “isn’t it a good thing when you don’t run out of yarn?” 🙂 hee hee…. and then i realized, oh i see, maybe it won’t fit…doh!

I’m with you – I rarely check gauge. Naughty! I just hate doing it – I prefer to get right to knitting the first row! I have always been lucky with yardage – I’ll pass some positive vibes your way -hopefully you’ll be fine!

Right, Carolyn! But I’ve decided not to worry anymore – the main pieces look like they’ll fit just fine and the yarn is so stretchy anyway.

Same with me, Nicole. I jump right in feet first!

I’m so glad your weekend getaway was fun… looking forward to hearing more details!

It’ll fit, Jackie. You’re a Knitting Goddess 🙂