Quick update: We are cowling. I’ve been so swamped this week with tight freelance deadlines, and I’m at the paper an extra day today, so I’ve had almost no time to knit or blog. The sleeves are done and the cowl has begun. And it’s big, alright. I’m gonna do as much as I can this weekend.

I am also gonna try to make the Critter Knitter’s Knit Out on Sunday, hopefully with my own critter in tow. Attendance depends on weather, and how much I get done with various things over the next few days.

Hopefully I’ll be posting again soon with photos of a finished sweater.

2 Responses to “Cowling at the moon”

Wooooooo hooooooooo on the cowling!

If you make it to the critter knit out, take pictures of Ty. We love looking at pictures of that little guy 🙂

Hey, Jack… where ya been?