I’ve been a bad blogger. But I got tired of the “almost done” posts about the cowl. Truth is, it’s still almost done. Well, it’s knitted, and half sewn together. The Phil Eponge is *murder* to seam with. Nice to knit with though. But it keeps getting caught while seaming and tries my nerves. That coupled with freelance deadlines and a nervewracking coding project and I was just in no mood.

So, I put it down for a few days. And last Saturday, on a hot and sunny day, I took a walk over to Purl and picked up some cotton. I admit it, I was jealous of all the pretty summer buckets in Becky’s knitalong and I thought, wouldn’t it be nice to have a beachy hat? So, there I went. And there I bought. And now, less than a week later, despite other projects and too much, here is my Summer Bucket.
summer_bucket.jpg It was made with, believe it or not, Rowan 4 ply Cotton (the white and pink) and Rowan Cotton Glace (the blue and green). Yes, I know these yarns are insanely thin. But I wanted those colors and couldn’t find anything else suitable. So, the brim is knit 3 stranded and the rest of the hat doubled. And you know, it came out great. I also made the brim longer than called for and here’s a tip for a more beachy floppy hat – I knit it a size larger, and wove a strand of yarn under the purl row right above the brim, so I could pull it a little tighter and cinch the brim more, and you know, I love it. I might even try, if I ever knit another, doing decreases on the purl row which might have a similar effect.

So there you have it. I have family plans tomorrow and so will stay in tonight and seam the rest of the cowl – I’d love to wear it tomorrow since it’s supposed to be on the cool side. I might make it to the beach on Sunday, so will take my new hat. And I have to work on Monday, grrrrrrrr. But I hope everyone else has a great holiday weekend!

9 Responses to “I know…”

That hat is adorable! Perfect beach gear.

Great hat! What a wonderful color-combo!

What a wonderful stripey hat! I love the colors you chose 🙂

Leave it to you to come up with such a fabulous striped bucket. Awesome!!!

Love the colours – perfect for summer.

So pretty and original. Those colors are great together!

I love your beachy bucket! Looks like your hard work payed off!
Donna from the knit a long.
p.s. Your whole blog design is very pretty!

I LOVE the hat! How creative to do those great colorful stripes! Love it!

I LOVE that hat. Coolest, indeed.