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Barely Out of Tuesday

Posted by jackie blue on May 11th, 2004

Well, after some hectic days, I did manage to finish the first sleeve of the Phil Eponge cowl. I haven’t even cast on for the second one yet but I think that will be taken care of today. I’m hoping to get out of work early enough today to make it to a small knitting gathering tonight but that is always such a crap shoot and I usually lose. Either way, I intend some quality knitting today. I have to take advantage of the time inbetween work (I’ve been working such insane hours – no 9-5 for me).

So the show the other night was fabulous- and I was happy to hear it got 6 nominations for the Tonys yesterday. I normally don’t have any interest in the Tonys – I think it’s a given that most shows will be nominated since there are so few opening every year, and I don’t see most of them. But the performances in Caroline, or Change were magnificent. I don’t think it will have a long run though. It’s too thought-provoking, whereas most tourists just want fluff like Mamma Mia (yuck). For those that haven’t heard about Caroline, it’s an operetta set in 1963 Louisiana, and the story of a Black maid and the relationship she has with the Jewish family she works for. I had some issues with the story itself but there’s no doubt it’s really entertaining.

The rest of the weekend was filled with mah jongg, Mother’s Day festivities (shopping and a wonderful WONDERFUL dinner at Gramercy Tavern – we did the Spring Tasting Menu) and last night, a fabulous thunderstorm that unfortunately scared the bejeezus out of my dog, who would not stop shaking despite all the talking and petting I gave to him. So I didn’t get all that much sleep.

Well hopefully will have more knitting to report tomorrow. I don’t know if it’s feasible, but I have a goal of finishing this cowl by Saturday, to wear on a little slumber party trip to Philadelphia that day (yes, we’re all in our 30s, I don’t think you ever outgrow the slumber party).

So far…

Posted by jackie blue on May 6th, 2004


I feel like I have little knitting progress to report but here’s where I am so far. About halfway into the first sleeve. (the pieces are curling, the front isn’t really that much smaller than the back). I don’t know why it is, but if I have some free time during the day (as I might today, inbetween client feedback) – I still feel too guilty to sit around and knit, as if that is slacking off or something. Like, I should be WORKING even if I’m not on deadline, or I should be at the gym, or outside, anything but getting my sweater done which is actually far more productive than sitting here web surfing.

Tonight a friend and I are going to dinner and then to see Caroline, Or Change on Broadway, so I don’t expect to make too much progress today. My goal right now is to have both sleeves done by next week.

We Have Sleevage

Posted by jackie blue on May 3rd, 2004

Despite a pretty busy weekend, I finished the front of the cowl and last night, started sleeve 1. I am crazed with work this week but I promised myself I would allow a half hour of knitting per evening, more if possible. I am going to try and meet some knitting friends tomorrow night but I don’t know at this point if it’s feasible.

The volunteering on Saturday went great – I spent a few lovely hours edging a walkway in the park, and despite shoveling tons of dirt off the path (at some points, the “edging” was more like 2 or 3 feet of dirt” I am not in as much pain as I thought I’d be. What I am though, is a sunburned fool. I ALWAYS wear sunscreen in the summer but somehow on May 1st, I just didn’t think of bringing any. And I wore a skimpy tank. And I scared friends yesterday with the condition of my shoulders. Ow ow ow.

Happy Mondays, everyone.