So I finished the cowl almost a week ago and even wore it twice already. Why was no photo posted? Well, busy, and then today I discovered I’ve misplaced the remote for my camera so if I wait for someone to take a good shot, we’ll be waiting forever. Here’s the best I can do for the moment.

And, I love it. Despite the long sleeves and cowl neck, it’s very light and airy and will be fine on less humid summer evenings. (Sure, try to find some of THOSE in NYC).

And so, busy bee that I am, I already completed one piece of the Phil Ruban tank – no photo yet, it’s just a square anyway, and last night – I cast on and started knitting the hoodie from the Phildar Irlandais book. First of all, it’s going to take getting used to knitting with Pegase, an acrylic/wool blend. My yarn snobbage has gotten me so used to natural fibers that this feels kind of icky, but I’m going on my mother’s and Becky’s assurance that acrylic is great for keeping it’s shape and being washable and all. So, this pattern will be a challenge not only because it’s in French, but the cable pattern is pretty intricate and as a left handed knitter, I must reverse all things cable. hoodie.jpgI don’t really like knitting with winter fibers in the summer, so I started this one mainly just to get the pattern worked out, and then I’ll probably let it sit for a couple of months.

So, back to the grind for me now.

6 Responses to “OK OK OK!!”

Fun cowl! I like the blue background on your pic, too.

The cowl looks great! Super fashionable! I’m still lusting after Phil’eponge …

that cabled hoodie looks gorgeous. any idea if it comes in english instructions?

Hey there – it is adorable, isn’t it? But I’m afraid no, they never came out with an English version of that magazine (Phildar Irlandais Winter 2003/2004) to my knowledge. is a good resource for English versions of Phildar and even they only have it in French. Sorry!

Oh WOW! Miss Jackie-Blue, I bow to your cowl-ness. That is one gorgeous, delicate sweater! Looks so wonderful on you, too. (Love your photo :-))

Love, love, LOVE the cowl. I found your site through becky’s link to your bucket and now I am noticing that I am the entry right after her! Also, the cowl, I have the same yarn and pattern from…guess who…BECKY! I got it from her stash-o-mat and went out to order the mag right away. Anywhoo, love it. I can’t wait to knit mine now! Also, your bucket hat was awesome and so is Ty.