It’s been one of those weeks where I feel the universe is against me. Red tape left and right, regarding cell phones, health insurance, client contracts, blah blah blah, and to make it all worse, my internet connection is down and I’m on a very shaky dial up that disconnects every 5 minutes.

So I’ll keep this brief. In spite of the hot weather, I’m still pluggin’ away at the Pegase hoodie. It’s coming out great! But I will finish the Phil Ruban tank soon too, and then must decide what my next summer project will be. I will work on the hoodie at home, in the a/c, but it won’t travel in summer.

Back when my connection is better, with a progress photo.

One Response to “Insanity”

I admire your working on that Pegase hoodie in the heat. I should follow your example and do the same. When Autumn hits, you’ll have a fab knit to wear and I’ll still be chugging away on the cotton schtuff.