Well, er….almost.

I was making great progress but the last couple of days the heat’s been getting to me and I just couldn’t get into knitting more than 10 lines at a time.

I need to finish my Phil Ruban tank so I have it for the hot weather. That doesn’t have much to go on it so I might have it done by weekend. There’s obviously no rush for the hoodie. I figure I’ll need it…oh…about November or so. But, if I keep plugging away at it at home, I might just have it on time.

Now, what should my summer project be? Could it be the long neglected Surf? Or do we need something new? Mwahahahaha.

4 Responses to “Baby’s got back”

Your sweater is awesome. Yes, you need to have a summer sweater going to keep you knitting when it’s too warm to handle wool. Surf is wonderful but what about a quick tank!?

This is so beautiful! The cables are wonderful! I can’t wait to see what you’re going to knit in Phil Ruban. My hubby is in Paris this weekend and will be bringing me home some Ruban. I can’t wait!

You’re really rolling on that project! Good thing is: No sleeves. The hood is going to take time, I think.

Leave Surf on the back burner for now. We want more tanks!

Thanks everyone! But no, Becky, this one DOES have sleeves. I’m not doing the sleeveless hoodie though that one was nice too.

But I agree, we need more tanks. And I think I know just which one will be next…