There hasn’t been much knitting to speak of. I’m still nearly done with the back of the Pegase hoodie and the Phil Ruban tank. Work has taken over, and yesterday I had a home disaster – about a half gallon of house paint spilled in the bottom of a closet and I needn’t even tell you what a mess it was. Many things got thrown out. Some things were rescued but will forever have traces of paint. It took hours to clean. I’m just sorry I didn’t photograph the spectacle.

Then last night went out to dinner at Oceo and to see Fiddler on the Roof. The story makes me crazy but the show is very entertaining. And tonight I will joining friends for dinner at Zoe, so little knitting time will be had.

This weekend marks the 22nd Annual Mermaid Parade in Coney Island and of course friends and I will be there. If I haven’t posted before, Coney Island is where I grew up, and I always love to bring people out there, especially on parade day. It’s such a fun time.

Hopefully I will be back with actual knitting news soon.

2 Responses to “if you love a thursday…”

A half gallon??? Oh, man! I bet the smell of paint is all over the place, too. I can’t even imagine how hard it was to clean up. I feel for you!

P.S. And here I was thinking that spilling a whole bottle of chile peppers in olive oil all over a suitcase was bad. Believe me, I’ll take the chiles over the paint!

Sucks about the paint. Hope the clean-up wasn’t too bad.

Can I tell you how sad I am to miss the Mermaid Parade? Sigh…