This cheery orange cotton is destined to become the “Kate” tank from Phildar’s Famille, Eté ’04. The photo does not do the rich color justice. Maybe I need a new camera.

2 Responses to “Guess who bought more yarn?”

The orange color looks pretty bright. Your camera is very sharp. Don’t get any ideas about a new one just yet. What will the tank look life?

I am so busy at work that I had time to rip my knitting three times. The instructions are hard to follow. You can get mixed up very easily..

Anyway, I’ll be leaving soon. I will have to pick up the cushions I orderer for the terrace furniture. You’ll get a chance to sit on them this weekend.

Hello! We’re on the same wavelength. As soon as I saw the Famille book a while back, I wanted to do that tank. I just got some yarn for it, too. Looks like we’ll be knitting together. Love the color you chose. Excellent taste, as always!