So this is the Phil Ruban tank that I started some weeks ago and then left for awhile. It’s really the easiest top in the world to make and I think it came out kind of cute! Thanks Becky, for picking out a great color for me! (It’s actually much brighter than appears)
And then I also started the Kate tank on Saturday night and knit all through Sunday at the beach, finishing the back on Monday night!
This is one fast knit. Or else I’m just on a roll. I’m trying to hold off on the front, so I still have a small, light, travel project to work on. I’m working on the Pegase hoodie when at home, now.

I also just won an Ebay auction for some Rowan Cotton Glace. Hmmm, what should that become?

7 Responses to “I’m a knitting maniac”

So you were the one who beat me out of the cotton glace…glad i was out bid by someone nice who will give it a good home..

whoa nelly. speed demon, slow down. 🙂
sooo much cool knitting going on over here!!! love both the tanks, great summer colors.

I love your Phil Ruban tank! How many balls did it take? My hubby brought home some Phil Ruban for me. I can’t wait to play with it!

Very cute! Nice work!

Kinda cute? That’s SUPER cute. Watch out, you’re gonna be stopping all that NYC traffic!

I would love to make that tank, do you know where I can find the pattern? The name of the mag etc..?

That blue tank bears a striking resemblance to the blog scheme colors on *my* computer. I *love* the neckline… it’s so cute! And the yarn is perfect for the pattern because it drapes perfectly. Can’t wait to see the Kate tank all done. The orange is so fun!