A nice long weekend, with extraordinary weather on Sat. and passable weather on Sunday. Much time was spent on the beach, mostly reading but yes, knitting too. I am halfway through the front of the Kate tank and expect that at the rate I’ve been going, I’ll have a new tank to wear next weekend.

Still waiting on delivery of my Cotton Glace and not terribly sure what I’ll be making with it yet. Perhaps a summery green bucket in addition to whatever sweater it may become?

Yesterday was hot and humid (hello, it had to get back to normal some time) so I hid in the movies during the day and finally saw the 3rd Harry Potter which I kept putting off. Loved it. I hope they hold onto this director with a tight grip, it made all the difference from the boring first two.

Hope everyone had as nice a long weekend as I did!

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I can’t wait to see the latest Harry Potter! I keep putting it off, too. I must hurry before they take away the original version. I’m not too keen on watching a dubbed French version.

How many balls of Glace did you get? Enough for a sweater or a top?

I am getting 20 balls of the glace, enough for a gigantic sweater or top!

You’ll love HP. Go go go!


Alphonso Cuaron was invited to start filming on the fourth Harry Potter film. However, since he was still in post-production for the third film and didn’t want to shoot while he was editing, he declined. Thus, Mike Newell (of “Four Weddings and a Funeral” fame, the first British director for the HP films) is directing the fourth film. Perhaps, Cuaron might be back for the fifth film… but that is unknown since he has already committed to a 2006-released film about the Mexican student revolution of 1968.

Some knitting content:
I can’t wait to see Kate! 20 balls of glace… how about a tank top and matching cardi?

Oh, thanks for that bit of info, Iko. But yuck! I’m not sure Mike Newell, British or not, is any better a choice than Chris Columbus was. Too bad, really. I thought Cuaron did a superb job.