on the Kate tank. I haven’t been spending much time on her this week as I’ve been busy with other stuff around the apt. (MUST CLEAN for a weekend visitor) and hanging out outside more than in.

You know those Rowan kits you get when you join their members circle? Well, I keep getting them every year when I renew. And I never make them. The first two were cushions and I started the first but didn’t like it. I never made the second. And now this year’s is a placemat kind of thing. Who needs one placemat? Not me. I don’t need a runner for my small table either, though I suppose I could use it. But, now I’m wondering, what else can I make from 4 skeins of Linen Drape? I’m about one skein too short for a tank.

Still waiting on delivery of the Cotton Glace too. Damn that July 4th, ate into my mail delivery timing. I guess I’ll just have to keep working on the present projects.

4 Responses to “still knitting away…”

Jackie, would you be willing to part with one of the rowan cushion kits? I was planning on buying a membership, but by the time I got around to it, they changed the offering. Thanks!

I just have to say that Ty is so cute! I just checked out his site and I love the photos! Also a belated Kudos on the great tank! You give me inspiration to actually finish my tank. Hope the weather isn’t too muggy for you. It’s rainy here in Seattle but it means more knitting time for me!

i’ve got a shitload of linen drape – i may be able to shoot you over a ball. depending on what i decide to knit with it, of course….

your kate is coming along nicely and i love your phil ruban tank. great color. and i am hoping that one day i come up with something to do with these rowan kits. guess i’m not alone on that one.