Well, Kate is done, and I quite like her. I used Rowan Handknit Cotton DK, which gave me less than gauge, but I kind of wanted it to be shorter and more fitted than the other Kates I’ve seen around the blogs. And I was not disappointed. I love the color and despite being a less than lightweight cotton, I think it will be nice and cool for those hot summer days. (ha – it’s in the 60s today. in July. in NYC.)

My next project for a summer weight knit will be something in the Cotton Glace. I also have a lace poncho in mind for fall. Hmmm. Do I need to buy MORE yarn?

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HOT! Fantastic color and great looking knit!

Wow… nice job! I love the color and the style looks great on you.

Kate is beautiful! I am having trouble deciphering the French instructions….can’t figure out what word is purl and what is knit! But Kate is on my list of items to knit.

Thanks, everyone!

Evelyn, a knit stitch is “maille endroit”, purl is “maille envers”.

Both of your tanks look fabulous!

I saw the tank on you in person, and it fitted you to a “T”, and now I see it on the screen and you really look great. You did a fine job and the color is a good choice.

I agree, this tank in particular needs to fit close. And yours does, most certainly! Looks awesome on you!

WOW! Kate looks fab! And so do you wearing it!

Hubba, hubba! Look what I missed while I was away. Simply gorgeous! Look at you work that tank. Brava, mon amie!

wow, kate looks great! perfect fit!