I had some leftover pink 4 ply from my bucket hat, and with the new green Cotton Glace, I will have a very lovely, if not watermelonesque, Alice from Rowan #35. The pattern calls for 4 ply all the way but Cotton Glace is only very slightly heavier and I think it will adapt nicely. I was never much of a gauge girl. Ha. I already started it and it’s coming along nicely, photos soon.

Last night in honor of Bastille Day I wore the french knitted Kate, and got great compliments on it from people who didn’t know I knit it. We went to the Loser’s Lounge tribute to Serge Gainsbourg, becoming an annual Bastille Day tradition. I love that show, it’s one of the most fun shows they’ve done.

Some work to do today but expect some progess on Alice soon. And I haven’t forgotten my Pegase hoodie, either.

3 Responses to “and the winner is….”

a girl named alice in my knitting group recently made alice herself. it’s really beautiful, and i am picturing it in your colors and feel a wave of jealousy overcoming me!

Well there’s a simple solution, Carolyn! Get on Ebay, get a great deal on some 4 ply or cotton glace, and join me in a knitalong!

Alice is very beautiful and very feminine. The colors you described sound very lovely. Can’t wait to see your progress!