Add up 4 hours of waiting in Central Park for Shakespeare in the Park tickets on Friday, beach weather (what little we’ll see of it lately) on Saturday, and a rainy dreary day on Sunday, and what do you have? Plenty of knitting time!

alice_7.18.04_closeup.jpg Subtract the number of times I needed to rip and reknit some lines for not paying enough attention, and you know I could have had even more done. That said, she’s coming out kind of nice – the photos don’t do the vibrant color justice and the lace isn’t blocked yet so you can’t really see the open work that well. I’m not sure how I feel about the pink border. The whole thing kind of looks like a watermelon in reverse. But I’ve gone too far to do it over and change colors, not that I even know what color border I’d like better.

6 Responses to “All the young girls love Alice”

Alice is looking mighty fine and I’m sure her border will grow on you once you’re done.

It looks great, Liz is right in saying the border will grow on you. HOWEVER, if you’re still not loving it, you can always snip in between, knit a new color border (like a darker green?) and graft the pieces together.
Wish I had Rowan 35, all the Funny Girl pieces are so pretty!

I like the color combo. What a pretty cardi this is going to make!

those colors are gorgeous together. wonderful progress!

I love, love, love the color combo! That is going to be one gorgeous cardi.

I’m knitting Alice, too, although mine is all black. It’s been slow-going, but I’m sure it’s going to make a beautiful cardigan. I certainly plan to check back and see how yours progresses!