I had the extreme pleasure today of meeting up with Alison, Elisabeth, and Jen for some shopping at Purl and Downtown Yarns, and some lunch inbetween. Alison’s mother is missing from the photo.
They have better photos which I hope they’ll post, mine was just from a camera phone. What a nice group of people and I look forward to seeing them again tomorrow for a KnitNY breakfast!
Luckily for me too, in the 40 percent off bin at Purl lived 2 or 3 skeins of Linen Drape, and one was the same sage green that Rowan sent to me for the placemat kit. Now I have 5 skeins, enough to use that yarn for a tank instead. How lucky is that? And how amazing to leave 2 yarn stores without buying anything else?

Will report back soon with Alice progress and news of our KnitBreakfast.

4 Responses to “knit bloggers outing”

All of my favorite people meeting up! I’m so envious I can hardly stand it. I’m glad you enjoyed the visit. (That sale at Purl would have given me the shakes from excitement!)

sounds like a fun day – very jealous!

Jackie! It was great meeting all of you! Am I allowed to say that I take a terrible photo? Let all the world know that “Alice” is beyond fabulous, even if she was giving you a bit of a hard time today.

What a terrific weekend! I’m so glad that we got a chance to meet up. (And so cool that you found that linen drape!) I can’t wait until my next trip down your way so we can do it again. Maybe next time we can meet Ty. :0)