Well, we had as good a time yesterday at our KnitBreakfast/Lunch as we did shopping the previous day. It was so nice to be in such fun company and to fondle all the gorgeous yarns at KnitNY inbetween bouts of knitting (and in my case – sometimes ripping – it’s not the best thing to knit lace while talking).
We decided too that it would be fun to have a knitalong for the Pooling Colors scarf in this month’s Interweave Knits, so guess who bid and won a hank of Schaefer Yarn “Anne” on Ebay last night? I’ll be all ready for a knitalong if you’re still up for it, gals.
Alice grew an inch or two but I decided that when home I really must concentrate on my Pegase hoodie and I also want to get my Denim “Surf” sweater out of hiding. So I suspect Alice will remain an occasional public knitting project, but probably won’t get done all that quickly.

One Response to “Is the weekend over already?”

Yay, you’re in with some Anne! Woohoo. Can’t wait to see your yarn. And I’m glad we helped encourage you to let some of your older projects find their way back into daylight. Alice is beautiful though – I can understand how hard it is to put her down.