For starters, Happy Birthday Mom! My mother is a knitter too, and she’s been working on Posy from the same collection in Rowan #35 as my Alice.
I’m hoping to accomplish some knitting myself, and finally finish the shoulder/neck shaping on the Pegase hoodie back.
Not much else to report on this rainy dreary Wednesday, I’m afraid.

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Happy Birthday to your mom! Mine just celebrated hers last week. She’s a die-hard crocheter and I’ve tried teaching her to knit, but we just ended up laughing at her attempts… We love our moms!

I just went through and looked at the gallery. I’ve had my eye on Maggie for a while and I’ve finally convinced myself to buy some KSH for it!

Jackie, can I ask you a question about the Phildar cowl neck made with Eponge? I was swatching last night and I can’t get gauge. In fact, I can’t really see the stitches so I’m having trouble counting on top of it all. I’m on my 4th attempt on US2 (because I don’t want to go with an even smaller needle!) and I’m wrapping the yarn only once around. When I wrapped it twice around, my stitches are further apart. Did you have gauge problems with this? Were you holding the yarn taunt? I noticed this yarn is a bit stretchy. Thanks!

Happy birthday, Jackie’s Mom!

Happy belated birthday, Jackie’s mom! That Posy sweater reminds me of the Vintage Knits wavy line sweater. The square neckline is so cute. I hope we get to see the finished sweater (maybe a mom/daughter Rowan #35 photo shoot?).

Evelyn, I am not much of a gauge checker to be honest, so I don’t know if I reached gauge or not, but I am a tight knitter so I did hold it taut, yes, and I did wrap around twice. The stitches are supposed to be spread out so you get that ripple/stripe effect, or what’s known as “drop stitch”. Since it’s stretchy, I just assumed it would fit me, and it does.