Thanks to an entry from MJ, I have just checked out the latest Rowan mag which should be on it’s way to my mailbox as I type. And remember that I mentioned I would like to knit a lace poncho/capelet? Well, I was going to maybe design one myself, but how perfect is Karis? The last thing I need right now is MORE projects to knit! Ack. I’d better get to finishing what I’m working on now!

It’s funny, I’m sure I mentioned this before, but why do I feel such guilt when I spend the day knitting? Like, I should be making revisions on a client’s logo, but I only just got them last night and should have a little leeway, time wise. And I should be going to the gym, but that’s only an hour or so out of my day. Why do I always feel like knitting is slacking off?

4 Responses to “Uh oh!!”

Oooohhh…new Rowan mag! Thanks for letting me drool! Knitting is not slacking off! It’s productive. You’re creating something. I understand that feeling though…especially when my hubby is making dinner yet again because I just HAVE to finish this one thing I’m doing on my knitting!

I just posted about the loveliness of Karis as well. I don’t have a Rowan subscription (yet) so I will have to order or stalk my LYS for it. But Karis will be mine, oh yes, it will.

NEVER,EVER feel bad for taking time off to knit. You’re feeding your passion, honouring your creativity, and re-charging your batteries all in one sitting! What other activity can do that? It’s NOT an indulgence, but a necessity…otherwise how are you going to get all the other things that need doing (at a later date) if you’re running on empty. Put yourself and your passions first, and take care of the world second!

Karis is lovely! I think someone will have to do a knitalong for that one. So many people want to make it. And how convenient that there are so many KSH patterns in this mag, when I’m just getting a little crush on that yarn.

But enough talk about future projects and yarns, where’s that Phildar hoodie?! ;0)