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All the young girls love Alice

Posted by jackie blue on July 18th, 2004

Add up 4 hours of waiting in Central Park for Shakespeare in the Park tickets on Friday, beach weather (what little we’ll see of it lately) on Saturday, and a rainy dreary day on Sunday, and what do you have? Plenty of knitting time!

alice_7.18.04_closeup.jpg Subtract the number of times I needed to rip and reknit some lines for not paying enough attention, and you know I could have had even more done. That said, she’s coming out kind of nice – the photos don’t do the vibrant color justice and the lace isn’t blocked yet so you can’t really see the open work that well. I’m not sure how I feel about the pink border. The whole thing kind of looks like a watermelon in reverse. But I’ve gone too far to do it over and change colors, not that I even know what color border I’d like better.

and the winner is….

Posted by jackie blue on July 15th, 2004

I had some leftover pink 4 ply from my bucket hat, and with the new green Cotton Glace, I will have a very lovely, if not watermelonesque, Alice from Rowan #35. The pattern calls for 4 ply all the way but Cotton Glace is only very slightly heavier and I think it will adapt nicely. I was never much of a gauge girl. Ha. I already started it and it’s coming along nicely, photos soon.

Last night in honor of Bastille Day I wore the french knitted Kate, and got great compliments on it from people who didn’t know I knit it. We went to the Loser’s Lounge tribute to Serge Gainsbourg, becoming an annual Bastille Day tradition. I love that show, it’s one of the most fun shows they’ve done.

Some work to do today but expect some progess on Alice soon. And I haven’t forgotten my Pegase hoodie, either.


Posted by jackie blue on July 13th, 2004

Well, Kate is done, and I quite like her. I used Rowan Handknit Cotton DK, which gave me less than gauge, but I kind of wanted it to be shorter and more fitted than the other Kates I’ve seen around the blogs. And I was not disappointed. I love the color and despite being a less than lightweight cotton, I think it will be nice and cool for those hot summer days. (ha – it’s in the 60s today. in July. in NYC.)

My next project for a summer weight knit will be something in the Cotton Glace. I also have a lace poncho in mind for fall. Hmmm. Do I need to buy MORE yarn?

still knitting away…

Posted by jackie blue on July 8th, 2004

on the Kate tank. I haven’t been spending much time on her this week as I’ve been busy with other stuff around the apt. (MUST CLEAN for a weekend visitor) and hanging out outside more than in.

You know those Rowan kits you get when you join their members circle? Well, I keep getting them every year when I renew. And I never make them. The first two were cushions and I started the first but didn’t like it. I never made the second. And now this year’s is a placemat kind of thing. Who needs one placemat? Not me. I don’t need a runner for my small table either, though I suppose I could use it. But, now I’m wondering, what else can I make from 4 skeins of Linen Drape? I’m about one skein too short for a tank.

Still waiting on delivery of the Cotton Glace too. Damn that July 4th, ate into my mail delivery timing. I guess I’ll just have to keep working on the present projects.