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Tuesday Tales

Posted by jackie blue on July 6th, 2004

A nice long weekend, with extraordinary weather on Sat. and passable weather on Sunday. Much time was spent on the beach, mostly reading but yes, knitting too. I am halfway through the front of the Kate tank and expect that at the rate I’ve been going, I’ll have a new tank to wear next weekend.

Still waiting on delivery of my Cotton Glace and not terribly sure what I’ll be making with it yet. Perhaps a summery green bucket in addition to whatever sweater it may become?

Yesterday was hot and humid (hello, it had to get back to normal some time) so I hid in the movies during the day and finally saw the 3rd Harry Potter which I kept putting off. Loved it. I hope they hold onto this director with a tight grip, it made all the difference from the boring first two.

Hope everyone had as nice a long weekend as I did!