A pretty good weekend just passed despite not the greatest weather. We managed to have a lovely lobster fest on Sat. night with plenty of New England Clam Chowder too – YUM. I must do that at least once a summer.

Alice made a weekend appearance at the beach and pool on Saturday, and since Alison asked about the Phildar hoodie – thanks to an early morning thunderstorm on Sunday, the front of the hoodie is now about 5 inches done. I plan to knit more of that in my nice air conditioned office tomorrow (I think that forgives the “no wool in summer” rule, since it’ll be freezing in here) and if I keep up momentum, I’ll certainly have it done in time for the cold weather. Meanwhile, it’s about 90 degrees today.

With not much other knitting news (still waiting for the “Anne” to arrive in the mail) I will check back in tomorrow.

3 Responses to “Monday check in”

I’m drooling over here! I’ve always wanted to have a lobster and crab fest! One of my goals in life is to visit New England and have yummy clam chowder and a seafood fest where they just dump the whole pot of yummy seafood goodness on the table! YUM!

Miss Jackie! Since imitation is the greatest form of flattery, I thought you might want to know that I am seriously considering knitting Alice myself. We can be twins [or not]! Love the lobster and crab fest and think it is about time I had one around here. Hope Mom enjoyed her b-day!

just FYI, i’ve been reading your blog daily and your entries beginning 8/2/04 did not begin showing up until today 8/5/04. this a.m. when i checked your blog, the entry from 7/29 was still the current entry. just thought you’d like to know.